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chase ultimate rewardsChase Ultimate Rewards program is a program that Chase offers on many of their major credit cards that gives customers that gives customers points that can be used for many different purposes. What sets the Chase Ultimate Rewards program apart from many of the other programs out there is the flexible options that you can redeem the points for, and the high number of points you earn per dollar spent. For anyone that uses credit cards on a regular basis finding a good rewards program can really make a difference in your finances. After all if you are earning cash back on purchases you are essentially getting a discount on everything that you buy. This value becomes even more evident if you pay of your balance each month so that you aren’t paying any interest. The Chase Ultimate Rewards program is restricted to people who have good to great credit. So if you have taken care of your credit score then you can now use it to your advantage by earning points on purchases.

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Smart consumers look for every advantage they can get, and credit cards that offer lucrative rewards programs are one of those edges you can’t afford to pass up. Rewards programs are used by credit card companies to try to entice you to do business with them. They are rewards they offer to people with good credit because they know that there is not as much risk involved in extending these types of consumers credit. If you have been responsible financially then you owe it to yourself to explore the different rewards programs that are out there. If you want to get the best rewards programs then sticking with banks that have done business for a long time, and have a lot of satisfied customers, is the way to go. One of those banks is Chase, and they offer rewards and perks that are considered among the best, if not the best, in the industry.

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Chase Ultimate Rewards: How Do You Earn Rewards Points?

The best thing about earning rewards points with Chase is that all you have to do is use your card like you normally would. There are no extra steps to take, you make purchases and you earn rewards. Their reward points are worth .01 per point, which may not sound like much. But if you use your card frequently those points can add up very quickly. On top of that Chase offers several cards that offer sign up bonuses, and bonuses when you reach certain milestones. By taking advantage of these bonus and milestone offers you can end up earning a lot of points quickly. Once you have those points you have many options on how you can redeem them. If you want cash back for your points they do that. If you prefer to use your points for airfare or hotel stays they do that as well. They even offer a gift card program so that you can use your points to treat yourself or someone you care about to a treat.

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For savvy consumers who manage their money well the Chase Ultimate Rewards program can offer them great value. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t chase reward points at the expense of running up your credit card bills. While it may be tempting to make a purchase so that you can earn airfare for an upcoming trip, this is usually a bad idea. Instead take a patient approach and build up your points as you use your card for normal bills and expenses. If you take this approach, and pay off your balance every month, then you will be taking full advantage of this reward program.

Once you understand the basics of how the Chase Ultimate Rewards program works the next step is choosing the right card to suit your needs. When choosing which card is right for you it’s important that you go over all of the costs and benefits of each card. Some cards have an annual fee that is somewhat high, but in return they offer you bonus points at a faster rate than other cards. Some cards are geared specifically for those that travel since they focus on earning airline rewards and hotel reward points. Finally some cards are meant to work as a simple cash back card that earns you cash that you can apply toward your balance. So take your time and look at the different cards they offer before making a final decision. This will help to ensure that you are getting the most out of the Chase Ultimate Rewards program.

How To Earn Reward Points And Use Your Credit Cards Wisely

Credit cards provide consumers with many benefits, but they also expose those same consumers to financial problems if they are not responsible when using their credit cards. In an ideal world you would use your credit cards to pay bills and make purchases, and then pay off the balance before the end of the billing cycle. Unfortunately not everyone uses their cards in this way. It’s far too easy to just pull out a credit card and make a purchase since you figure you can always just pay it off later. The problem with this line of thinking is that those purchases start to add up. A quick tank of gas here and a few lunches there, and suddenly you can find yourself looking at a balance of several hundred dollars. When you don’t pay that off before the end of the month you will charged interest, which can help to push you further into debt.

While there certainly are risks involved with having credit cards there are also many rewards that makes it worth keeping them. The biggest perk of having credit cards is that they provide you with emergency funds should you need them. Everyone deals with unexpected expenses. Whether you are a business owner that has an unexpected bill, or you are just a regular person heading to work when your car breaks down, things happen. You can’t prevent bad things from happening, but what you can do is work to insulate yourself financially so that you won’t be financially crippled should something unexpected come up. While having a healthy savings account is always a plus, having a credit card or credit cards available can be a real life saver.

When talking about the benefits of credit cards you also need to keep in mind the reward points that many of them offer. Rewards points basically puts money back in your pocket on expenses that you had to cover anyway. If you can be responsible and pay off the balance of your credit cards each billing cycle, then the rewards you earn are basically free money. Just keep in mind that it can be tempting to splurge when you have a credit card available, but even though it isn’t costing you any money out of pocket it still has to be paid for at some point. If you happen to carry the balance of that purchase going forward then you will pay interest, which means that you will be paying more for the purchase than you would if you simply paid cash.

Credit cards are also great for building up your credit score. Having a higher credit score is important because it allows you to obtain more favorable interest rates on credit cards, car loans, mortgages, and any other type of loan you may take out. Lower interest rates means a lower payment, which saves you money. So how do credit cards help to build your credit? They do so by showing that you are financially responsible when you make your payments on time. This is why it’s so important that you aren’t late on your credit card payments. Not only will it likely cost you a penalty, it will also hurt your credit score.

Something else that will hurt your score that many people are not aware of is closing a credit card account. Common sense might dictate that a closed credit card account, that is paid off, would help your credit. But it actually does the opposite of this. So if you are tempted to cancel a credit card because it just doesn’t seem right for you don’t do it. Instead keep the card, use it only sparingly, and keep the balance paid off. By keeping the card you can help keep your credit score strong, which is the key to maintaining your financial security.

Make sure that you remember if you are using your credit cards to help build credit that you don’t go overboard. Credit agencies prefer to see that you are using no more than 30% of your available credit, any more than that and it will begin to negatively impact your credit score. When you start getting to the point where you are using most of your available credit then your score can really suffer. So make sure that you use your cards regularly, keep the balances below 30%, and whenever possible pay off the balance before the end of the billing cycle.

Taking care of your credit is one of the most important things you can do make sure that you remain financially stable. It’s not always easy, but being responsible with credit cards in particular, and money in general, will definitely pay off in the long run. The entire financial world runs on credit, and if you don’t take care of yours it will make doing business in the future much more costly and challenging for you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use credit cards, which unfortunately is what many people end up doing. They think credit cards are evil and that they will push you toward financial ruin. The truth is that credit cards are just a tool and it’s up to you to decide how you want to use them.

Make Sure That You Read The Fine Print And Understand The Terms On Your Credit Cards

While credit cards offered by Chase a generally among the more consumer friendly cards out there, you should still take the time to read through all of the fine print before opening a new account with them. The fine print in the agreement you are signing is legally required to be there so that you, as the consumer, are given the opportunity to read all of the terms and conditions of a financial document before you sign it. Unfortunately most people will glance through the fine print and not pay enough attention to it. The problem here is that whether you read it or not, if you sign the paperwork you are legally bound by it. So make sure that you read the fine print on everything you sign, especially on credit card contracts.

One of the most important reasons for reading the fine print on credit card contracts is so that you can ensure you are getting the right card for your needs and spending habits. For example you wouldn’t want to get a card that gives you travel rewards if you don’t do any traveling. On the other hand if you are a frequent flier then you should definitely opt for a card that offers great travel rewards. Remember that credit cards are tools, and they need to be used the right way to get them to work for you. Using the right credit card that suits your needs is a great way to get the most value out of your credit card usage. If you want to get a card that works for you then taking the time to look at the Chase Ultimate Rewards Programs is a smart firs step to take. They offer a wide range of options and rewards programs that are sure to meet whatever needs you have.
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card is one of the most popular cards that they offer due to the bonus points program that they have in place. When you sign up for this card you are given 50,000 reward points once you spend $4,000 within the first three months of opening the account. While $4,000 might seem like a lot to spend it really isn’t that much. You can quickly get to the $4,000 mark by paying major bills, and then paying off the balance before you the end of the billing cycle, thus saving yourself on interest. So why would you want to go through the trouble of using a credit card and paying it off? You should want to do it because those 50,000 points can be redeemed for $500 cash. That’s right they will give you $500 in cash just for using their card.

Another great way of looking at the $500 cash back on $4,000 in purchases is as a discount. If you are going to be spending your money on bills or a purchase anyway then why shouldn’t you enjoy an 8% discount on what you are buying? Like other Chase cards the Sapphire Preferred card earns 1 point per dollar spent. It also offers double points on travel expenses and when eating at restaurants. With it’s generous rewards program it’s no wonder that the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is one of Chase’s most popular rewards cards.

If you are interested in getting a credit card from Chase for your personal use the the Chase Sapphire Card is probably as close to an ideal credit card as you will find. It offers a competitive APR, outstanding bonus rewards program, and a simple and straightforward process for redeeming your points. If you like earning lots of rewards points, but dislike having to jump through a bunch of hoops to get them, then the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is probably just the card you have been looking for.
Chase Freedom Card

If you prefer a card with a more straight up cash back program then the Chase Freedom Card may be exactly what you are looking for. With the Chase Freedom Card you automatically earn 1 point per dollar spent on the card. You don’t have to sign up for anything, it’s a feature of the card that is active from the moment you open the account. Another nice feature of this card is that the points you earn never expire. With points that never expire you can simply keep them in your account and redeem then when you need to make a big purchase or find yourself in need of some extra cash.

Like other Chase cards the Freedom Card also offers a nice bonus when you hit certain spending milestones. In this case it’s a $150 bonus when you spend $500 within the first three months of opening the accounting. That’s roughly 30% cash back on that first $500 you spend, which is one of the highest cash back rewards that you will find with any credit card. If you have a balance on another credit card that you are currently paying interest on then you will be happy to find out that the Chase Freedom Card offers an introductory 0% APR on any balance transfers for the first 15 months. Taking advantage of this 0% transfer APR can help you to make a big dent in any credit card debt that you are currently paying on.

If you are curious as to how much a 0% APR rate can save you try to imagine that a lot of your regular credit card payment you make on a balance each month goes to interest only. If you are paying $200 a month toward your credit card balance well over half of that is going to interest only. In fact on higher interest credit card over 80% of your payment is just covering interest. So if you have a large balance on another credit card transferring that balance to your Chase Freedom Can save you a lot of money. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of this 0% APR by paying down as much debt as you can during the period where you aren’t paying interest. While it may be a little painful to make bigger payments, you can take solace in the fact that you are helping to get rid of debt and making yourself financially more stable.

Chase Ink Plus Card

The Chase Ink Plus card is a credit card geared toward business owners. Because of this card offers a unique rewards program that is designed to be more appealing to business owners. They offer a very generous 60,000 bonus points when you spend $5,000 within three months of opening the account. That works out to $600 in cash back that you can earn. On top of that they offer an unheard of 5 points per dollar spent up to $50,000 on anything purchased at office supply stores, cell phones, land lines, internet bills, and television and cable expenses. Since these are all things that most businesses use taking advantage of this rewards program makes a lot of financial sense.

You can further increase your rewards points by issuing cards to trusted employees. Employee cards come at no additional cost, and when you are using them to pay for necessary expenses that 1% cash back adds up very quickly. They also offer double points on any charges made for hotel accommodations and gas stations, so if traveling is a part of your work you can also pile up the points this way. The many benefits and rewards that the Chase Ink Plus Card offers makes it an ideal card for small business owners everywhere.

Chase Slate

Chase Slate is another credit card offered by Chase that falls under the Ultimate Rewards program. The Chase Slate Card offers a 0% introductory APR for 15 months on balance transfers. So this is another credit card that you can use to help lower the amount of money you owe on credit card debt. Another big bonus with the Chase Slate Card is that they don’t have a penalty APR or an annual fee. Many credit card companies will assess you a penalty and raise your interest rate if you are late on a payment. While you should never be late on a credit card payment, Chase understands that things happen. So by not charging you a penalty APR they give you an opportunity to correct the problem instead of simply punishing you for it. The lack of an annual fee is another perk here. While an annual fee is often less than $100 for most credit cards, any time you can avoid paying it is a bonus to your checking or savings account.

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card

If you travel a lot, either for personal or business purposes, and fly Southwest Airlines, the Southwest Rapid Reward Premier Credit Card is a card you should definitely look into acquiring. They offer 50,000 bonus points if you spend $2,000 in the first three months of having the card. Those 50,000 bonus points equates to $500 in cash, or you can earn even more value by trading them in for airline miles. On top of that you earn double points on any Southwest Airline purchases, so even when you are paying for airfare you are getting a nice discount in terms of redeemable points. While there is a $99 annual fee that is offset by the fact that there are no blackout dates where you can’t redeem your points for airfare. So if you are planning a trip on a busy holiday weekend when other credit card companies black out their points from being redeemed, you won’t have to worry about that with this card.

United MileagePlus Explorer Card

This is another card offered by Chase that is very beneficial to those who travel a lot. In this case the card is geared toward use by those who prefer to fly United. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to travel, and if you want to fly United then this is the card for you. There is no annual feel with the United MileagePlus Card, and you also earn double points on any tickets that you purchase from United. On top of that you still have the same great point earning possibilities as other Chase cards, making this a card you can use everyday, or just for traveling purposes.

Why Choose Chase Ultimate Rewards Cards Instead Of Another Card?

Chase is a major bank that has been in business for years and has a loyal customer base to prove it. They have built a loyalty and reward program with their credit cards that is designed to give you maximum value. At Chase they value your business and they go out of their way to ensure that you are completely satisfied whenever you do any type of business with them. While there are other credit cards out there with a rewards program there are few that can match the value that the Chase Ultimate Rewards program offers. With their history of customer service, and a rewards program that is easy to use and also quite generous, Chase shows that they are serious about keeping you a happy and loyal customer.

Letting Your Money Work For You

Credit card rewards programs offer a lot of opportunity for those that are willing to reach out and grab it. While credit card companies use rewards programs to get you to do business with them, you should use them to make your money work for you. How exactly do credit card rewards programs help your money to work for you? It’s actually quite simple. For example let’s say that your business needs a few new computers that are going to cost you $5,000. Since you need these computers to say in business you don’t have a lot of choice and you are going to have to buy them. But instead of just buying them you could make a savvy decision that can save you money. You could open a Chase Ink Plus credit card to pay for the computers. Why would you use a credit card instead of cash? Well for one thing the Chase Ink card offers a bonus that works out to $500 cash if you spend $5,000 within the first three months of opening the account. So just by opening and using a credit card you have just saved yourself 10% on the cost of the computers that you had to have.

The key to taking advantage of these credit card rewards programs is to not allow yourself to get trapped and having a large credit card balance. Credit card companies are in business to make money. The entire reason they offer rewards points and the various other perks they offer is to get you to use their cards. The dirty little secret that no credit card company executive will ever tell you is that they don’t want you to pay your balance each month. Instead they want you to carry a large balance, which will cause you to pay interest to them, which will make them more profitable. The good news is that you can avoid falling into this trap as long as you are aware of it, and as long as you use your credit cards responsibly. So let credit card companies make you offers that benefit you, and then be smart and don’t let them trick you into carrying a large balance on your card.

If you are looking for a credit card that offers a great rewards program then taking the time to look at the many cards in the Chase ultimate rewards program warrants your attention. From cards that have great cash back rewards, to those that offer airfare they have cards that suit just about any lifestyle. Credit cards can be tremendous tools that get you to get the most out of your hard earned money. They can offer you rewards points and other perks that help you to make your money go farther. They can offer a financial safety net for you that can give you access to cash when an unexpected expense comes up. If you want to take advantage of all that credit cards can do for you, then take the time to look into the Chase Ultimate Rewards Program. Once you do you will probably be amazed at just how great of a value that their credit cards can provide.

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